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The checklist

On brand?

Building a great brand is methodical work. Use the checklist to see if you are on track.


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Live by our values are the most important way to build a strong and distinct brand.

We don’t explain or tell people about our values, but we let them guide our actions and our communication. Is your event or message in line with them?

If you can tick at least two of them, you are on brand.



What’s new? What’s different? What will make us stand out in our field? Make sure that something you do – or the way you do it – feels fresh. And always try to be a digital pioneer!



Think about your target group. What do they want? What do they care about? Can you share an insight or tell them something really interesting? At the very least, make sure not to be boring!



Be honest. Be down-to-earth. Be relevant. Offer quality without bragging about it. And above all – be yourself at all times.

We claim that Oslo is the young pioneering city. Now prove it.

The Oslo region has a relatively youthful population – and it’s getting younger. A new population wave is facing us, with a 40% growth of 25-35-year-olds over the next eight years. Let our region be a showcase for new voices, new faces, new opinions and new ideas.

Tick at least one of them, to be on brand.


Does your communication / event include young people (as well as people who are young at heart)?


Is your communication / event attractive to young people?

Make a digital footprint. And don't forget to measure it.

One of the most important things we can do to create awareness about Oslo, is to reach as many screens as possible. We must also try to make Oslo’s population and visitors active ambassadors in social media.


Do you measure your results in digital media?


By the way, have you remebered to #Oslo or to put Oslo in your project name?

Flex Oslo's big cultural muscles.

Are you aware of all the cultural activity in the Oslo region? Oslo has close to 5.000 live performances every year.


Do you highlight Oslo’s cultural offerings in your communication when appropriate? See what’s happening at VisitOslo

The world's favourite compact city. Soon, anyway.

We choose to see our region’s modest size as an asset. By being compact – in a number of ways – Oslo can offer a high quality of life. But most people don’t know this, so we have to keep telling them.


Does your event or communication showcase this in any way?

Do you speak English?

l *

Do you make sure to communicate in English or other foreign languages?

Are you getting the attention you deserve?


For events and projects, have you mobilized international journalists and influencers?

Are you on brand?

Your result:

You are: Brand

Note: If you have not checked the mandatory questions, you will not be on brand even if you score more than 70%.

A score above 70% means you are officially on brand. Great work!

If not, going through this check list has hopefully provided you with some tips for improvements. Go for it!